Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

Quiltmaker Scrap Squad
Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crafts other than Quilting (Oil & Tole Painting, Cross Stitch)

Other than Quilting, some of the crafts that I like best are  oil painting, tole painting, cross stitch and other needle work.
Most of these painting were done in the 1970’s and 1980’s before I started quilting.  The last one of the Pink Daisies was done in 2010.
Home at Centerton

This oil painting was a gift to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.  This is the house where I was raised in Centerton, Arkansas.  A photo of the house is in the bottom right corner.


Red Birds in Snow

The Sugar Shack

This oil, called  “The Sugar Shack” was done in a class.

Hunting Dog and Quails


“The Hunting Dog and Quails”    I drew from looking at a picture in a magazine.

Ducks on Pond

This oil of “Ducks on the Pond” was done in a class.  All with a pallet knife instead of a brush.  Was a fun project.

Mother & Daughter

Oil on Canvas, done 1978

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