Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

Quiltmaker Scrap Squad
Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crafts other than Quilting (Oil & Tole Painting, Cross Stitch)

Other than Quilting, some of the crafts that I like best are  oil painting, tole painting, cross stitch and other needle work.
Most of these painting were done in the 1970’s and 1980’s before I started quilting.  The last one of the Pink Daisies was done in 2010.
Home at Centerton

This oil painting was a gift to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.  This is the house where I was raised in Centerton, Arkansas.  A photo of the house is in the bottom right corner.


Red Birds in Snow

The Sugar Shack

This oil, called  “The Sugar Shack” was done in a class.

Hunting Dog and Quails


“The Hunting Dog and Quails”    I drew from looking at a picture in a magazine.

Ducks on Pond

This oil of “Ducks on the Pond” was done in a class.  All with a pallet knife instead of a brush.  Was a fun project.

Mother & Daughter

Oil on Canvas, done 1978

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Baby Quilts

This is the first quilt that I ever made.  We were living in Alaska, where my husband was stationed during the Korean War in 1954.  I desided that I would make a quilt, so bought an applique pattern and fabric.  I did one block and thought that was enough for me!  Since I was expecting a baby, I made the block into a baby quilt.  I can't believe how close I maching quilted that little quilt on an old electric portable machine.  Except for the satin binding, it has held up quite well over 56 years.
It was many years before I really found the joy of making quilts.  Now it is my passion and I make way too many!

Steve's 1st Baby Quilt 1954

Detail quilt

My next attempt at a quilt was in 1956 when Steve was about a year old.  I didn't have any fabric, so use the sides of a worn out pink sheet and a worn out white sheet.   The animal patterns were drawn  from a magazine article.  You had to draw squares, then draw the the pattern to the paper.  Each were about 4 inches high.  I cut out the shapes and used a fabric marker to draw the features, then zig-zagged the pink animals to the white background.  This was before "Wonder-under" so had to be really careful of the edges.  Much of the quilt is now in tatters, but I still love it. The quilting is pretty pittiful.   I used the pattern to make a granddaughter a little quilt about 20 years ago.  It is just painted, not appliqued. 

Steve's 1956 Baby quilt








This is the painted version of the blocks made for grand-daughter Lindsay.

Lindsay's quilt (can't get it to rotate)

Painted block from Lindsay's quilt

Painted Bear Block from Lindsay's quilt