Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

Quiltmaker Scrap Squad
Quiltmaker Scrap Squad

Friday, January 28, 2011

Quiltmaker Scrap Squad 1st project

Since late December, when I was selected to be one of eight Quiltmaker's 2011 Scrap Squad members, we have been busy, busy, busy trying out the new pattern Rhapsody in Bloom.  It is a beautiful pattern designed by a teen age boy,
Doug Leko of Antler QUilt Design.

It is amazing to see how eight different quilters can take one pattern, choose their own fabrics and come up with eight different, beautiful quilts.

Here is how I choose the fabrics and made the pattern into a wall hanging or table topper.

Four Rhapsody In Bloom blocks
Fabrics I choose: Border Print and Batiks

Center Block

Mitered Corners from Border Prints & borders

This is how 4 blocks and 3 borders made the finished Rhapsody in Bloom.  This is before it was quilted.
40 x 40 inches.

I tried it as a wall hanging, there are some old pictures on the wall of my husband, Clarence & I in 1952, and one of our grandaughters, Lindsay and Liz when they were young.

The last is how the quilt looks as a table topper.

I was happy with this project and can't wait until we get our next assignment!

Some links you can find all Scrap Squad members work at is the http://www.Quiltmaker.com/blogs/quiltypleasures/2011/01/28/qm-scrap-squad-interpets-rhapsody-in-bloom
 and at http://www.quiltersclubofamerica.com/groups/qmsrapsquad/default.aspx

All members have personal blogs too.

Donna:    http://www.donnaquilts4u2c.blogspot.com/

Dionne:   http://www.sewmanyquilts.blogspot.com/

Jane:      http://www..forestjane.blogspot.com/

Ruthie:   http://threadsofmine.blogspot.com/

Kim       http://pokeytown3.blogspot.com/

Linda:    http://linfer101.blogspot.com/

Pat        http://quilttown.blogspot.com/

Carol:   http://www.quiltwithus.connectingthreads.com/profile/Carol%20Vickers/

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kaleidoscope quilts

I have found it exciting to make these 4-patch kaleidoscope blocks.  Always something unexpected will pop up!  The 4-patch with a narrow framing strip and corner will make a unique block that can be set on point or as a straight set.  Large florals with lots of contrast, really ugly scrap prints all turn out good.

Including a step by step "how-to-board" I used in a class I taught.


1. Find the pattern repeat in fabric, usually about 15 to 18 inches apart.
2. Cut and align 4 pattern repeats, pin well. cut 3 1/2" strips                 
3.Cut the 4 identical strips into 3 1/2" blocks                                       
4. Arrange 4 squares into a kaleidoscope design. Like kind of             
centers together.  Sew into a 4- patch block. Press. Block          
should be 6 1/2" square.                                                             
5. Sew 1 1/2" framing pieces to sides.  Press                                      
6. Sew framing cornerstones to 2 framing pieces. Press                       
7. Sew framing pieces from step 6 to top and bottom of block.           
8.Press.  Finished block should now be 8 1/2"                                    

Bright table runner..... also made a throw from this fabric

This fabric, I considered really ugly!  I bought it on a trip to Jamaica.  It had good colors and definite pattern repeats.  Turned out to be about the wildest quilt that I have ever made.

No doubt you can tell that I haven't found how to rotate my pictures yet!  All the quilts are sideways. Will fix them when I find out how!

I love this floral pattern. There are no identical blocks in the quilt.  All are made from the border fabric.

Pink and Brown have always been a favorite.  Each block was like a little present when it was stitched together.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Quilts

Every year I try to make a new Christmas Quilt, in hopes that in years to come my kids and grandkids will enjoy them like I do.  
2009 Guthrie Quilting Friends sampler block exchange

2010 Partridge in a Pear Tree

2008 Sampler

This Rag Santa is over 6 feet tall.  I can't get the picture rotated so we will have to look at it side-ways :)  The front and back are different.  Each square is made with flannel between.  Rows sewed together then clipped, washed, and dryed.

6 foot Santa

This is a log cabin block made on the serger for really fast work.  The colors is what will make the tree.

Log Cabin block, made on Serger

Christmas throw with Log Cabin block



I designed the Angel for this Christmas Throw several years ago.

Angel Throw

2009 Table topper

Snowman quilt- I can't rotate

Mocha Java

Found this pattern several years ago in a magazine.  It is called Mocha Java.  The original was in all browns.  I have made several quilts from this pattern.  An all blue, an all red a purple/lavender and this multi-color.  The sashing blocks creates an additional star and gives the illusion of circles.

King Size Quilts

A favorite of mine.  I first chose the border print and then selected other like colors.  I never would have guessed to choose Olive for a color if it had not been in the border print.  The mariner's compass is a Fons & Porter pattern.  I couldn't bring my self to make more than one block, so that is the center, then just started adding stars and other blocks around the square until I had a king size quilt.

This is a pattern called Meadow Lilly by Lynette Jenson.

Corner 3/4 block

Lilly Block

Irish chain block

Guthrie Quilting Friends block exchange

 A group of Quilting Friends made these block for me.  We each provided 9 inches of our at least 3 fabrics to the ten ladies in the group.  We drew names for the month we would receive our blocks, then as our month approached, each of the ladies made at least two 12 inch blocks from the receipents fabric.  On our month we would receive 20 blocks to put together as we wanted.

variety of 12 inch blocks

Boston Commons Pattern
This is the Boston Commons pattern, all 2 inch squares of different colors.  In 2006 this quilt won the award for best machine quilted quilt at the 9-County Senior Quilt Show in Harrison, AR

Center of the Boston Commons quilt

Corner of Boston Common Quilt

This is the first king size, hand quilted quilt that I made in 1999.  It is the Dresden Plate pattern with Flying Geese borders.

Corner of Dresden Plate  Quilt

Dresden Plate Block

Happy Scrappy Throw.

This little throw was made from 4 fat quarters and a lot of brite scraps.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Getting Started into blogging

Hi my name is Donna.  I have been a quilter for many years and have lots of quilt pictures that I hope to share.  I am new to blogging, just starting today.  Since being selected to be one of the 2011 Quiltmaker Scrap Squad, I am finding that other members have most interesting blogs and I want to do that too!
I have a lot to learn about blogging and expect it to take a bit of time, but I will learn.